Boxes & Packaging

The corrugated material we obtain from the Forestry Industry is an environmentally managed product. Our Industry is managed to sustain environmental resources for future generations.


Our SALES professionals together with our DESIGN department have the knowledge to help you design and choose the best quality and cost effective way to display your product. Our packaging designers can create a well designed corrugated box to meet the particular needs of the product being shipped, the hazards of the shipping environment, (shock, vibration, compression, moisture, etc.), and the needs of your customers.





Corrugated Boxes

Here are some of the most common box designs & styles we offer. More styles are available. Scroll down to learn more.

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

This is the most common style container. All flaps are the same length and the major flaps meet in the center of the box.

Overlap Slotted (OSC)

The OSC is similar to the RSC except the outer flaps overlap a specified amount but not less than 1 inch. The inner flaps do not meet.

One Piece Folder (1PF)

This box is cut so that it has a flat bottom with flaps forming the sides and ends, and extensions of the side flaps meeting to form the top.

Half Slotted Container (HSC)

A variation of the RSC, the HSC has only 1 set of flaps. The opposite side of the box is completely open, allowing it to slide over an item.

Full Telescope Container (TELE)

This box type has two fully telescoping sections. The sections may be formed by staples, die cut locks, adhesive, etc.


Pads are plain sheets of corrugated board cut to a specific size. Pads are often used to separate layers of product within a box.

Full Overlap Container (FOL)

The FOL is similar to the RSC excep the major flaps fully overlap. All the flaps have the same length, the width of the box

Partial Overlap Container (POL)

With this box, all flaps have the same length. The outer flaps overlap by 1 inch or more.

Five Panel Folder (5PF)

Like the FF5PF, this box has five long panels. However, the outer flaps meet instead of overlapping.

Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC)

The inner and outer flaps are different lengths. Both pairs of flaps meet at the center of the box. The inner flaps meet in as they do provide a level rest for the contents of the box

Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC)

Full Flap Five Panel Folder (FF5PF)
This box has five long panels, one of which fully overlaps. The ends also fully overlap.

Die Cut Containers

By Die Cutting a box, special sizes and a high degree of customization can be achieved. This process ensures a high degree of accuracy in size and consistency and allows for almost any shape or style of box to be manufactured.


In addition to custom boxes. CCP provides our customers with a variety of shipping and packaging supplies. Helping customers save time and money.


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