About Us



What started out as a true family business in 1995 by Dennis and PJ Hoffman. Corrugated Concepts has proven to be THE trusted supplier other companies rely on for all their custom corrugated and specialty printing needs. The vision of Dennis and PJ was to bring to life a company that defined true customer service. This once small company is now a leader in custom corrugated production and continues to innovate and expand. With some of the most talented people in the industry as part of the Corrugated Concepts team. We invite you to put the challenge to Corrugated Concepts, and ……..

Watch Your Concept Explode With Excitement!

Our Process

Evaluating your correct packaging process

  • Identify ways for improvement
  • Work with you and your team to help increase sales of your brand
  • Identify new trends
  • outsell your competition
  • Lastly, help reduce overall cost.

No-Cost Packaging Analysis

Comprehensive review of packaging systems:

  • A review on high cost areas
  • A review of current branding strategy and market presence to maximize lowest production cost for the highest impact.
  • A review of current packaging design and analysis on improvement.
  • A review of current inventory strategies to help reduce costs.

CCP Baker Hughes Branded BoxesCCP Baker Hughes Branded Boxes
CCP SIGMA Branded BoxesCCP SIGMA Branded Boxes
CCP HP Branded BoxesCCP HP Branded Boxes
CCP MOSCA Branded BoxesCCP MOSCA Branded Boxes